Disco Dollars are DISCOCLUB’s exclusive rewards that you can spend on the beauty products you love. The best part? You can start banking rewards while you browse - no purchase needed.

How do I earn Disco Dollars?

When you watch video content on DISCOCLUB, Disco Dollars will pop up on screen. All you have to do is tap to save them to your wallet before they disappear. Disco Dollars are earned on a store-by-store basis. McCabes Disco Dollars can be redeemed on McCabes purchases, and so on. 10 Disco Dollars are worth €1, and you can save between 5 and 40% on selected products using your rewards.

How do I redeem Disco Dollars?

When you view a product, you’ll see the lowest available price based on the Disco Dollars you’ve earned. Ready to buy? Simply head to checkout and select the Disco Dollar value you’d like to redeem. Visit your wallet to view your current rewards, or start watching to earn!

DISCOCLUB. Watch and Earn.